Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Tale of Two Fish

These concept images are for an animated film I wrote "A Tale of Two Fish". Because of Nemo, we shelved the project, but I'm itching to dust it off and get back to work. I always intended the film to be shot on elaborate-moody miniature sets with CG fish.

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Another Monster

Another concept image for Sylvester from my book "Amanda's Monster." Painted in Alias Sketch Book.

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Please Don't Feed the Bears

These are the initial character designs for a 3D animated feature "Please Don't Feed the Bears". I wrote the screenplay several years ago, but have had litte time to pursue the development. Like most films it takes time to get them off the ground. Bears is a fun film and it would be a blast to make!

Character designs by Jerry Mahoney.

New monster concept

Another concept design for Amanda's Monster, Sylvester. Painted in Alias Sketch Book.

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Digger Dan

Bummer...I have been developing a kindergarten program for several years titled "Digger Dan's Heavy Haulers", but we recently received bad news - we could not trademark the title and there's a program that's very similar by Henson Studios that airs overseas. Soo, the project is dead and we have canceled further development. Sorry to see this one die, but that's the risk you take in this business. Better now, before a lot of money was spent...

Character Design by Jerry Mahoney

Amanda's Monster

Here is the first piece of concept art for my book, Amanda's Monster, painted in Alias Sketch Pad. This is the basement door leading into the monster's cell(Sylvester's). I will eventually make this story into a short film and possibly develop a feature length film at a later time. We plan to do the CG fur with Cinema 4D's amazing new hair module and as soon as they release their advanced rigging tools, we'll begin production of the short.

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Characters from my short film "Assladdin" - The name says it all!

Character designs by Jerry Mahoney.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Firehouse Tales

"Firehouse Tales" is the first big project I developed, in partnership with my business associate Sid Bailey(creator). We were fortunate to partner with a great agent, Lisa Brause of Golden House Ent.; she found us good favor with Warner Brothers who further developed the program and built the project into a huge licensing property. Firehouse Tales currently airs daily on Cartoon Network in the Tickle-U line-up, with toys produced by Bandai, books by Scholastic and products by Hallmark just announced in stores March '06.

If anyone has a question about developing an animated series and getting it to air, I'd be happy to share...

11.07.06 - Please read the updated news regarding the status of FHT at If you have any questions or comments, please visit the site and send us an email. We'll put you on the mailing list and let you know when DVDs will be available.

Amanda's Monster

Concept art of Amanda and Sylvester, for my first children's book "Amanda's Monster"

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Illustration by Gary Bialki.